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The Pacer

EP Available June 15

Composition & Guitars by Chris Knific


Navene Koperweis

Animals As Leaders, Entheos


Brandon Giffin

The Faceless, Cynic

Lead Guitar

Justin McKinney

The Faceless, The Zenith Passage

Mixed by Simon Grove

Plini, Intervals, Instrumental (Adj.)
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Virgil is an instrumental progressive rock outfit based out of Los Angeles, CA. "The Pacer" is the band's debut EP and features Brandon Giffin on bass, Justin McKinney on lead guitar, and Navene Koperweis on drums.

Piloting the group is Chris Knific, who draws on influences such as Pat Metheny, Yes, Cynic, and Devin Townsend, resulting in a mixture of fusion jazz, prog rock, and metal.

While Knific has scored films and written both popular and academic work, "The Pacer" is Knific's first exercise in his journey to meld these musical worlds with his own artistic vision.

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The Pacer EP - Available Now!

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